Bulk Shopping Made Easy With Amazon Business Account

Bulk Shopping Made Easy With Amazon Business Account

Whether you have a small-scale business or a business with a huge turnover, gone are the days when you used to rely on retailers for fulfilling your business needs. The scope of bargaining has been replaced and fainted through Amazon business.

Amazon business offers many business owners access to the retail giants vast network suppliers for bulk volume discounts.

It is one of the successful implementations by Amazon for people who like to shop in bulk for their business purposes. Additional deals and perks are available to help manage the cash flow and the business expenses.

Let us go into more detail to have a clear insight into the Amazon business.

What is an Amazon Business?

Amazon business is the one-stop destination for users who are interested in making business purchases. The platform is created by one of the leading giants in the E-commerce business i.e, Amazon.

Each business can assign their users who are basically allowed to go in and purchased the business supplies on the behalf of their employers and managers.

The person who has actual access to Amazon business account can easily add the authorized users or remove them if needed and can avail exclusive amazon coupons every month.

With an Amazon business account, one can have access to hundreds of millions of products whether you want equipment to janitorial supplies, tools for IT, or basically anything easily.

The main administrator has the advantage of managing payment methods, shipping addresses. approval workflows, reporting options, etc based on the requirements.

All in all, it allows you to make B to B purchases easily on Amazon.

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Benefits of having an Amazon business Account

Having an Amazon Business Account gives you exposure to many hidden benefits that you would get otherwise. One can create a single or a multi-user Amazon business account based on their requirements. It allows you to invite additional users to join and define a group of users to share the payment methods and shipping address. Now, there are tons of business-tailored features such as the approved workflow, payment solutions, tax exemptions, dedicated customer support, and more.

Let us have a look at some more benefits and features of the Amazon business Account.

  1. GST Invoice For Input Tax Credit: With an amazon business account, you will get a GST invoice on your business purchases so that you can claim the input tax credit, on the chosen products. One can easily save up to 28 % on their business product purchases by claiming.

  2. Bulk Discounts on Business Products: One can easily receive an exclusive price range and bulk quantity discounts. You can save up to 5 % or more with the Bulk discount on over lakhs of products starting at just two units of the same item.

  3. Exclusive Business Deals: Amazon offers exclusive deals for customers from time to time on many products without any minimum order quantity.

  4. Easy Returns and Replacement: In case you encounter any damaged or defective item, you can easily return that, and the refund will easily be provided to you.

  5. Account Security: You can easily add your teammates and colleagues without worrying about security as you do not need to share the login credentials.

  6. Get Insights: One can easily get insights into business spend and analyze customized reports.

  7. Fast And Reliable Shipping: Having an Amazon business account provides you with a special advantage of fast and reliable delivery of the items at the doorstep.

  8. Guarantee of Genuine Products: Amazon is a well-known service and we talk about the guarantee then one can shop millions of products with confidence on Amazon on time.

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How To Create an Amazon Business Account:

There are two options to create an Amazon Business Account, converting your currently existing Amazon account to an Amazon business account and another one is creating a separate Amazon Business Account.

Steps to create an Amazon Business Account

1. First, Click here to visit Amazon Business Page. and log in with your account details. On the top right corner, you will find the "Account and List" option, click that.

2. After that in Your Account section, you will find "Your Amazon Business account", click on that.

3. An interface will open, here select Create a free Business Account.

4. Enter your E-mail ID and submit, then add your password and log in. In case, you have already chosen a two-step verification process, it will ask you for an OTP. that you will need for further steps.

5. Choose accordingly, either you want to convert your existing account or create a separate business account.

6. In case, you have chosen to convert your Amazon account then you will be asked to update your business information.

7. Enter your name, business name, business phone number, business type, industry, Pincode, city, and state.

8. You will need a GST number for the company or business that you have mentioned in the details. Click on submit. In this way, your Amazon business account is created.

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Difference between Amazon Prime and Amazon business

Amazon Prime is for individuals whereas Amazon business is especially for business users. Unlike using an Amazon prime account, you can easily add individuals to your Amazon business account. This makes it easy to see who is ordering and what each individual is buying on the platform. An Amazon business account makes it easy to keep a necessary check on the business purchases.

Amazon business account provides you with a dedicated Amazon customer support line that is not in the case of prime account.

Is Amazon Business Account Worthwhile?

There is no cost for creating an Amazon business account. You can register for free to have access to all the prime benefits from an amazon business account.

Amazon Business gives you the tools to help and manage your business easier. Signing up for an Amazon business account is absolutely worth it. It gives you access to manage all the users on your Amazon business account, You can set certain qualifying purchases for consolidated delivery on the pallet to your doorstep or dock.

Therefore, if we look at the bigger picture then Amazon business account is worth trying.

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