Earn Yourself a Flipkart Plus Membership And Enjoy the Exclusiveness

Earn Yourself a Flipkart Plus Membership And Enjoy the Exclusiveness

Online Shopping has been surging its approach all over the globe. Although pandemic has brought some adverse effects with itself, it has also brought some innovative changes with itself. Top e-commerce companies have seen a humongous rise in sales with this whole market shift. People were compelled to stay at home which leads to an enormous loss to brick-and-mortar stores. And, due to these situations, Flipkart and Amazon have been making their way while the sun shines.

To enhance its customer experience and reach out to new customers as well, Flipkart rush out to bring out more offers, great deals, and discounts. Multiple exclusive offers being issued by Flipkart in various categories like Electronics, Clothing, and Fashion, Accessories, Beauty Products, Mens collections, etc. apart from that Flipkart offers an exclusive plan for their customers through Flipkart Plus Membership.

This loyalty program comes with tons of benefits and serves multiple rewards to their loyal Flipkart members. Customer who is a member of Flipkart Plus gets bigger and better deals on their specific purchases. So, before deep-diving into the topic let us have a basic understanding of:

What is a Flipkart Plus Membership

Flipkart Plus Membership is a kind of membership in one of Flipkarts loyalty plans i.e, Flipkart Plus. Flipkart Plus is an initiative started by Flipkart to give its customers various benefits like free delivery on certain products, faster delivery on time, several deals, flipkart coupon codes and other offers. One can become a Flipkart Plus member without any additional fee. Flipkart Plus is available on both websites as well as mobile apps.

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How to Become a Flipkart plus Member

To become a Flipkart Plus member and avail benefits of exclusivity, you need to follow this really simple process.

  1. Open the Flipkart website and Login to your account. In case, you do not have a Flipkart account you can easily choose the Signup option and then get started. One can also Login to their account through the Flipkart app.

  2. Click on the Flipkart plus zone. This option can be found in the top-left corner of your screen. All you need to tap on that hamburger sign and select Flipkart plus zone.

  3. The plus zone contains all the details about your coin balance and rewards.

  4. Now, if you already have 200 coins accumulated with you in your coin balance, you can easily subscribe to the Flipkart Plus membership. And, avail yourself of the benefit of a Flipkart Plus subscription for 1 year.

  5. If you do not have the 200 super coins, then you have to purchase items worth 12000 INR to fulfil that particular criterion.

How to earn Supercoins in Flipkart Plus

One of the most common ways to earn super coins is by purchasing any product on Flipkart. You can do a discounted shopping with the help of Flipkart coupons that you will get on Couponscurry. Flipkart gives you 4 coins for your 100 rs spent if you are a Flipkart Plus member. Another way of earning Flipkart Supercoins is through the partnered brands of Flipkart. One can also earn Supercoins through flight booking on Flipkart.

Flipkart offers quizzes and games for their customers at different intervals of time into a year. You can use that for your advantage as you can get up to 100 Super coins as a reward if you win that.

How to Get a Free Flipkart Plus Membership

Flipkart Plus Membership is a no-fee subscription membership. All you need to do is collect 200 coins to join the membership program. But, in any case, you want to get a free FlipkartPlus membership, then you only need to have a college. Yes, Flipkart provides free membership to the students, all they gotta do is upload their college ID.

You need to follow these simple steps to get a Free Flipkart Plus Membership:

  1. First, of all this offer is exclusively available on the Flipkart Mobile App. So, you need to log in to your account via the Flipkart app.

  2. Click on the top-left hamburger menu and tap on to Flipkart Plus zone.

  3. Scroll down and find student offer and click on Join Now.

  4. Click on Get started and upload all the details as mentioned.

  5. Upload your college ID and click on Verify now.

  6. You will get an e-mail once your documents are verified.

The process might take some time, around a week or so. But, once they are verified you can easily get the benefits from a free Flipkart Plus membership.

Benefits of Flipkart Plus Membership

A Flipkart Plus Member can earn 4 coins on a spent of rupees 100 and a maximum of 100 Supercoins per order.

Or, you can get access to benefits like,

- Free and Fast Delivery.
- Early access to sales
- Best Customer support
- Extra discounts apart from your plus coins
- Exciting deals on different brands like ZoomCar, Oyo, etc.

Other Flipkart Benefits For Plus Members

You can also exchange your plus coins in some of the exciting offers.

You get exclusive deals with Flipkart Supermart which provides a space for grocery shopping on Flipkart at affordable prices. You can shop for Flipkart Supermart coupons to get additional discounts even after having a plus membership. one can easily find these coupons on Indias leading coupons website i.e, Couponscury. Here you can easily search for Flipkart Supermart coupons and apply them on the official website while checking out.

One can use Flipkart gift cards as a substitute for their money. In case, you want to surprise your relatives, family members, friends with a unique gift item. You can provide them with Flipkart gift cards, which they can use for their shopping on Flipkart and earn themselves Super coins.

One can easily get Flipkart gift card coupons on the above-mentioned coupon website. All you need to grab the Flipkart gift card coupons and apply them to the official website in order to redeem.

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