Must Watch Series on Zee 5: Full-Fledged Entertainment

Must Watch Series on Zee 5: Full-Fledged Entertainment

Zee 5 is one of the best platforms for streaming in India as it provides you with endless hours of entertainment and you can watch the best of web series on Zee 5 for free as wells with many subscriptions offer available at Couponscurry.

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If you are curious to know about the top web series that you can watch on Zee5 then we have concise must-watch web series available in different languages and with top ratings. Use zee5 promo code while taking zee5 subscription to get an awesome discount on your subscription and watch these web series for FREE today.

Kumkum Bhagya Web Series

Kumkum Bhagya is an Indian television series that is quite popular and produced by Ekta Kapoor Balaji Telefilms. The first episode was premiered on April 15, 2014, on the biggest television channel Zee TV. And, the best part is it is digitally available on Zee 5 as well. The concept of Kumkum Bhagya is based on Jane Austen famous novel Sense and Sensibility.

It is a passionate love story of two characters Abhi and Pragya who are meant to be together against all odds. The series is a must-watch on Zee 5 for all melodrama lovers as it starts with the story of two sisters Pragya and bulbul but, after some twists and turns in the story, the whole narration revolves around the couple Pragya and Abhi.

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Cast: Sriti Jha and Shabbir Ahluwalia
Direction: Ravindra Gautam, Sameer Kulkarni,Jeetu Arora, Sharad Pandey , Deepak Chavan
Genre: Drama, Romance
Number of episodes: 1900

Kundli Bhagya on Zee5:

It is one of the highest TRP ratings shows available on Zee 5. Binge-watch all the latest episodes of Kundali Bhagya anytime with a Zee 5 subscription. It is a spin-off of one of the best hits on the Zee TV show, Kumkum Bhagya. The show has Shraddha Arya, Manjit Joura, and Dheeraj Dhoopar as the leading roles. And, for the supporting character, Anjum Fakih Manit Joura, and Supriya Shukla plays a prominent role.

It is an Indian romantic drama series created by Ekta Kapoor and it has been broadcasted on Zee TV since 12 July 2017. The story revolves around two sisters of Pragya of Kumkum Bhagya who are unaware of their mother and they are finally united. It is interesting to watch how the main character Preeta falls in love with her partner in the series. So, do not miss out on this amazing series on Zee 5.

Here are the top marathi web series you cant miss watching.

Genre: Drama, Romance
Casting: Paul Amal Varpe, Sameer Kulkarni Abhishek kumar. R.
Story Writer: Kavita Nagpal Anil Nagpal
No.of episodes: 1025

Forbidden Love Available on ZEE5

Forbidden Love is an Indian mini-series that came on Zee 5 original in Hindi language and is directed by Pradeep Sarkar and Priyadarshan. It is an anthology of four short romantic films.

Each film explores some dark side of love like jealousy and infidelity trapped in the relationship.

The first part of this series includes two short films that are titled Arranged marriage and Anamika. The series changed the notion of the typical love story that is perpetuated by our Indian film industry. Viewers like the main cast and the unspoken side of love stories that are showcased beautifully in the Series. You can watch the series with ease on a monthly subscription from Zee 5 as well. For more discounts, on the Zee 5, you can try our Zee 5 deals that will help you provide a subscription with a lot of discounts.

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Genre: Romantic thriller
Casting: Ali Faisal, Pooja Kumar, Raima Sen, Ahana Kumra, Omkar Kapoor, Pooja Kumar, and others.
Direction: Pradeep Sarkar, Aniruddha Roy Chowdhary, Manish Manjrekar, Priya darshan

Sembaruthi on Zee5

Watch Semabaruthi an Indian Tamil drama airing on Zee Tamil and Zee 5. If you have missed any episodes, no need to worry as you can watch them ad-free on Zee 5 anytime. The first episode got premiered on 16 October 2017. The show is quite captivating to watch as their cast has done amazing performance in bringing up the real taste out,

The story is all about a maid who is from a village and joins an Akhilandeshwari rich and wealthy house. But, the whole situation turns around when Parvathi falls in love with Akhilas son and they got secretly married. And, then the marriage is then known by Akhila and she does not like her. So, the couple has to leave the house and start a new life. Later, on my twists and turns comes in their life that is quite thrilling to watch.

Here are top web series to watch during lockdown

Writers: P. Narayanan, R Dharmalingam
Screenplay By: G. Sabari Nathan
Casting: Shabana Shajahan, Karthik Raj, Priya Raman
No. of episodes: 1125

Watch Rani Rashmoni on Zee5

It is an Indian Bengali television series starring Ditipriya Roy as the lead of the series. You will find more than 1000 episodes streaming live on Zee 5. The series is one of the best television dramas with 7.8 ratings.

The whole show revolves around the struggles of Rani Rashomoni who is a widow of Babu Rajachandra das of Jan Bazar, Kolkata, and then she took the charge of zamindari and his business as an effective leader. Most viewers have liked this Bengali series. You must watch this amazing series on Zee 5. If you are looking for more discounts on Zee 5, then just give our Zee 5 subscription codes a must-try.

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Genre: Drama, society, mythology.
No. of Seasons: 1350
No. of Episodes: 2
Cast: DitiPriya Roy, Gourab Chatterjee, Sandipata Sen, Sourav Saha, Gazi Abdun Noor

Gattimela Web Series on Zee5

Watch your favorite Kannada shows streaming on Zee Kannada on Zee5 as well. The main advantage of watching these shows online on Zee 5 is, you can have seamless streaming and search them via voice search, enjoy the HD quality, and also with multi-device support.

Gattimela is an Indian Kannada language soap opera that airs on Zee Kannada and Zee 5. The show started in the year 2019 and has been successful to date. You can watch this series directed by Koramangala Anil and produced by Joni Harsha on Zee 5 even before the telecast with the help of a Zee 5 subscription.

The show is a wonderful remake of Varundhini a Telugu serial that you will find on Zee Telugu. If you are looking for a most-watched Kannada soap opera, then Gattimela is one of the best shows that you can opt for.

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Genre: Drama
No. of episodes: 600+
Casting: Abhishek das, Rakshit Gowda, Nisha Ravikrishanan, Sudha Narsimharaju

Sathya Web Series

Sathya is an Indian Tamil series that airs on Zee Tamil. You can watch the latest episodes for the Tamil series as well on the digital platform Zee 5. It has a huge collection of movies and series that can grab your interest.

The show is an official remake of the Sindurra Bindu an Odia series. The show depicts the story of a tomboy who looks for all the responsibilities as head of the family and has some major turns in her life. The show is a blend of drama, love, and thrill if you are looking for a great series on Zee 5.

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Genre: Drama
No. of Episodes: 700+
Casting: Ayesha Vishnu as lead

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