Top Web Series you Must Watch During Lockdown

Top Web Series you Must Watch During Lockdown

Nationwide lockdown has bound people to stay at home to prevent spreading of the COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus. It is necessary step to prevent the virus from spreading, but at the same time people are getting a little bored by staying at home quarantine. So, to use the time of lockdown to the fullest and for entertainment at home you may stream the following popular web series on different online streaming platforms. Some of the platforms are free to use, while some need a monthly subscription. But you do not have to panic as you can purchase the subscription at discounted rates using the promo code online available at the coupon website Let us have a look at the popular and top web series that are worth streaming during nationwide lockdown and use your leisure time for personal entertainment.

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1. Mentalhood
The comeback web series of Karishma Kapoor, Mentalhood is the most viewed series with over 1 millions views. This web series is produced by Alt Balaji and it is the witty and endearing series on parenthood. The web series is the ultimate dose of humour and the brilliant scenes of madness and chaos that come along with the motherhood would definitely entertain you. But to stream the web series you need to purchase the subscription of Alt Balaji and there are some Alt Balaji Offers which you must check before buying the subscription to save some money.

2. She
She is the riveting, authentic, bold and sensitive web series that you can stream online at Netflix. This is the Netflix original series that revolves around the life of a protagonist that is on undercover mission to unveil the drug cartel. But she stumbles into the empowering journey instead of tracking the drug dealers to discover her inner strengths. This is the refreshing series and a must watch entertainer where a woman reveals different hidden layers while being on tough mission. Look out for free Netflix promo code before buying subscription to save some money on monthly subscription.

3. Four More Shots Please
Amazon Prime Four More Shots Please is the 2nd season after the success of its 1st season and it illustrates the demand and life of young modern woman that is juggling with their family life and career. The web series revolves around the life of four friends who focus on conquering their dreams and stumbles into love life while finding their hidden layers. Their friendship sets example that leads to a heart-warming session and make the series a delightful watch for all during lockdown. brings to you Amazon prime video offers for you that users can use while buying subscription of Amazon Prime to get discounts.

4. Special Ops
Special Ops is all about ticking the time bomb where every scene is packed with suspense and thrills. The star character in the series is K.K Menon and he plays a pivotal role in the undercover operation that is shot in the most picturesque location which adds excitement to the scenes indeed. This is the Hotstar Original web series that is gripping and all the characters are quick witted, spunky and energetic, perfectly matching the thoughtfully crafted storyline of the web series.

5. G.O.D
Not only Hindi and English web series are ruling the streaming platforms, but the regional series are also making its own wave amongst the streamers during this lockdown. Zee5 Original Telegu series, G.O.D (Gods of Dharmapur) is the jittery gangster drama series, giving the streamers with joggles and thrills on every scene. All the characters in the web series are selected well to match the storyline of the series and this makes the web series quite compelling to stream. The build-up of the characters is subtle and bold with some stellar performances and camera work. Besides, the masterful background score of the series gives the streamers goose bumps and also boost up the storyline, making it the must watch web series during lockdown.

We all are stuck behind the doors during this nationwide lockdown and this is the right moment to use your leisure time streaming web series on different streaming platforms. This is the list of some thrilling, interesting and compelling originals that are worth streaming during lockdown. The number of online streams has increased during this lockdown and this speaks volumes about modern viewership as they are increasingly enjoying online streaming like never before. So, make most out from your leisure time during this nationwide lockdown and indulge into these masterpieces to cheer during the lockdown period.

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