Netflix: Happy New Prices, Slashes Streaming Prices by 60%

Netflix: Happy New Prices, Slashes Streaming Prices by 60%

If you are bored of watching series on Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, or any other site. Then no need to worry! Because Netflix the streaming giant has cut down its subscription costs to 60%.

Yes, you heard it right! Now you can also Netflix and chill with these amazing “Happy New Prices” starting from as low as Rs 149 only. These plans are applicable from 14th December. What else can one want?

According to several reports, it is going to be Netflix powerful strategy to expand its services and establish a strong customer base in the country.

Gear yourself up as you can easily get Netflix reduced subscription with ease be it basic, standard, or Premium plan. We know, there are many of us who do not want to spend extra money on Netflix, that is why here at Couponscurry too we provide you with Netflix coupons that you can easily use to get a discount on the subscription offers. If you want to know more regarding the “Happy New Prices” from Netflix, then keep on reading this blog.

Netflix New Plans: Unlimited Entertainment at Reduced Prices

Netflix has come with a remarkable strategy to give stiff competition to other streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ Hostar with its mind-blowing plans.

Let have a closer look at how you can get benefit from these revised plans.

  1. The mobile plan that was earlier priced at Rs 199 is reduced to Rs 149 in this new plan.

  2. The basic plan by Netflix has been reduced from Rs 499 to Rs 199.

  3. And, the Top-of-the-Line plans have also been lowered down to a price of Rs 649 from Rs 799.

If you are a Netflix user and have already purchased a plan, then it is quite easier for you to upgrade to a higher plan. Select the desired plan from the new list and confirm the upgrade after you get a notification front Netflix.

The price change done by Netflix does not affect any of the benefits. You can easily watch your favorite show on a mobile-only plan with 480p standard resolution on the smartphone. Whereas the standard plan offers you a 1080p high-resolution video, and the premium plan offers a 4K resolution for the next level experience.

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NetFlix Revised Plan Advantages

As we all know, that Netflix is one of the best online streaming giants with a wide array of television shows, movies, and documentaries, available on its platform. With more than 214 million subscribers all around the globe, the platform has become one of the top entertainment service providers.

And, With its revised basic, standard, and premium plans, Netflix has been in the headlines of newspapers. Now, if you do get any of these plans. Here are the advantages that you will surely get from Netflix
Watch the Ad-Free Content: With Netflix new plans, you can easily enjoy the uninterrupted flow of streaming at the lowest price possible. Apart from Netflix, if you want to watch any series on Amazon prime then do check out Amazon prime offers available on Couponscurry.

Multiple View: Binge-watch your favorite TV shows with your family and friends and subscribe for just Rs 199 that is reduced from Rs 499. With the premium plan available on Netflix, you can go up to up to 4 people viewing the content on different screens at the same time.

Get Access To High-Quality Library: With more than 100,000 options available on Netflix, you can easily select any offer and view the content with unlimited access.

Watch Offline: Netflix allows its users to watch content in standard and high quality. Although there are several limitations in the content, you can easily download the content and watch them later whenever you want.

Compatible to Any Device: Get yourself the new Netflix subscription and enjoy streaming on any device that you want. Nowadays, in most smartphones, Android TV boxes, smart TVs, etc you will already find a Netflix app installed.

You will just need an Internet connection and a Netflix app installed in it.

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What is the revised plan list at Netflix?

Netflix Mobile Plan – Stream your content in 480p on one device(mobile or tablet) at a time, this plan is reduced from Rs 199 to Rs 149 per month.
Netflix Basic Plan- Stream your content on the mobile, tablet, computer, or television on one device at a time. This plan is reduced from Rs 499 to Rs 199 per month.
Netflix Standard Plan- Stream your favorite show on two screens at the same time at 1080p speed. This plan is lowered down to Rs 499 per month Rs 649 per month.
Netflix Premium Plan: Streams 4K HDR content on four screens at the same time. It has been reduced to Rs 649 from Rs 799 per month.

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What is the quality of the Netflix 199 plan?

Netflix Basic plan at Rs 199 lets you stream content at 480p on one device such as mobile, computer, television, or tablet.

Name some other OTT platforms to watch good quality content?

Apart from Netflix, Zee 5 and Alt Balaji are quite popular OTT platforms in India. To get their subscription offers, you can use our Zee 5 coupon code available at Couponscurry with ease. It will help you get discounts without any effort.

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What do four screens mean on Netflix?

At Netflix, you can easily stream 4k HDR content on four screens and at the same time. You can easily subscribe to the Netflix Premium plan that costs around Rs 649 per month. Access your Netflix anytime based on your preference.

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