A Quick Guide To Use Limcee 500mg Tablets

A Quick Guide To Use Limcee 500mg Tablets

Vitamin C is one of the important nutritional requirements of our body as it has all the antioxidant properties that help in maintaining the connective tissue protein collagen, and also helps in the absorption of iron which is necessary for growth and development.

Now, when our body is deficient in this vitamin, it can develop several severe diseases. So, to cure it Limcee Tablet just works wonders.

It is a chewable tablet that contains ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate which is used to treat deficiency of Vitamin C in the body. Vitamin C is quite involved in the conversion of folic acid to folinic acid. And also in the synthesis of proteins and lipids, the resistance of cellular respiration and infection use of Limcee Tablets is taken.

Nature of the Tablet: Vitamin C supplement (LIMCEE 500 MG)
Composition of the Limcee: Ascorbic acid and Sodium Ascorbate
Common Side Effects: Pink or bloody urine, side or lower back pain, redness of the skin.
Limcee Uses: Low levels of vitamin C, tissue repair, red blood cell production, cell damage, wound healing, and scurvy.

Limcee 500 tablets also help in the treatment of hypo or avitaminosis of Vitamin C that in turn fulfils an increased requirement for the Vitamin C during pregnancy, location, fatigue, growth, and during the recovery after a prolonged illness.

The tablets are equally beneficial for the skin and it can help to treat acne for the same.

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Advantages of Using Limcee Tablet

Limcee tablets are chewable and specifically used for treating Vitamin C deficiency. One can also use these tablets to control, prevent, and treat many symptoms like Red blood cell production, Healing the wound, Cell damage, Urinary acidification, Scurvy, etc.

How many limcee tablet you can take per day?

Limcee tablet 500mg is a Vitamin C nutritional supplement that must be taken after the doctor suggestions. The tablet is chewable and it should be taken as a whole.

It totally depends upon your medical condition, that how much dose is prescribed to you by your doctor. But, make sure that you tell about your ongoing medical condition to your doctors.

It is generally advised to consume the Limcee tablet on an empty stomach. In case the dose gets missed, doctors advise taking the missed dose as soon as you recall. Or if in any case, the patient has taken the overdose of this tablet, then consult the doctor immediately to ignore the possible side effects and the discomfort.

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Limcee Tablet Side Effects

There can be severe side effects of this Limcee tablet if taken in access or as per the body behaviour. Those are listed as:

  1. Nausea

  2. Diarrhea

  3. Dizziness

  4. Upset Stomach

  5. Burning sensation in Heart

  6. Redness on the skin.

  7. Bloody or pink urine

  8. Cramps in Abdomen

  9. Headache

  10. Pain during Urination

  11. Vomiting

  12. Cephalalgia

  13. Lower Back Pain

Precautions To Take Before taking Limcee 500mg Tablets

Patients are advised to consult their doctors before they use Limcee 500 mg tablet as it can cause them severe health conditions like:

  1. Kidney and Liver Related Problems: One should use Limcee tablet with caution and as per the medical prescription by the doctors. Patients suffering from liver and kidney-related disorders are more exposed to the side effects of this medicine which is why they need to be more careful.

  2. Avoid taking in Pregnancy: This tablet can cause harm to the fetus or maybe to the newborn babies. Hence, Limcee tablets are recommended to use in breastfeeding ladies only when it is recommended.

  3. A supplement called Diabetes Mellitus can alter your blood glucose levels if taken without proper guidance from the doctors. Therefore, it becomes quite important to take the correct dose of Limcee tablets with these supplements as it requires a lot of adjustments.

  4. Limcee tablets should be taken care if you are suffering from G6PD deficiency. In this condition, red blood cells break down due to certain medications, infection, and other conditions. The tablets can cause adverse reactions if taken for in longer duration.

  5. One should not keep Limcee tablets exposed to air and sunlight as it can cause oxidation and destruction of the drug as well. So, follow the storage instructions carefully mentioned on the label.

  6. In a condition of Hemochromatosis, which is a rare genetic disease, the amount of iron present in the body gets abnormally high. And, in such conditions, high doses of Vitamin C can worsen the patient condition.

  7. Smoking and tobacco products can make the use of these tablets less effective.

  8. The desired effects can change in case if the medicine is used with any other drugs and in such cases, one is advised to share their medical history to their respective doctors so that it can help them to take preventive actions against the side effects of drugs.

Usage of Limcee Tablet

Limcee tablet is a supplement of Vitamin C that is used for treating health conditions that arise from the deficiency of VitaminC. The Limcee tablets are used to promote normal growth and development moreover they can help in maintaining the connective tissue, protein collagen, protect us against all infections, and are also useful in curing skin infections.

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Limcee 500mg Tablet Price:

As per the pricing the Limcee Tablets are quite cheap, for 500 mg tablets, you only need to pay Rs.20 however, limcee 500mg price may vary depending upon state and cities. And, one can buy them online on Netmeds, 1Mg, and other online platforms.

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Additional Tip To Take Limcee Tablet

Take this medicine using your mouth, chew it properly before you actually swallow it. One should always check the label for the direction before using it. Does not matter whether you take it with food or without food, but make sure that you take it at a fixed time.

Doctors recommend not to make use of this medicine in any case if it troubles your stomach.

One should avoid the use of this drug with the interaction of these tablets, Amphetamine, Bortezomib, Estrogens, Elemental iron, Hormonal contraceptives, Deferoxamine, Saquinavir Nelfinavir, Warfarin, Chemotherapy drugs, etc. One should store the tablets at a temperature that does not exceed 25 degrees C. And, always protect them from moisture.

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