Amazon Lightning Deal: Benefits, Tips for Sellers and Shoppers

Amazon Lightning Deal: Benefits, Tips for Sellers and Shoppers

If you are a buyer and looking for the best deal around you or a seller that is looking for boosting up brand awareness and gaining visibility, the Amazon Lightning deal is here to help you all.

Scoring deals, being a buyer, and joining a deal as a seller can be really overwhelming. That is why we have listed out a quick guide and tips that will help you take advantage of a Lightning deal as a superb shopaholic. But, besides that here you will find other insights that you would like to consider.

Amazon Lightning Deal

Amazon Lightning Deals are like paid promotions through which sellers can offer you great discounts on some specific items. These deals are listed on the "Todays Deals" page.

Users can find huge discounts & codes on various items such as amazon promo codes for earphones, clothing, food, and other products.

Amazon puts like 200 to 2000 deals on their Lightning Deals sales and all of them lasts for around 2-6 hours and are limited to stock that Amazon has. Lightning Deals are almost shipped and sold by Amazon.

Benefits of Amazon Lightning Deal

Lightning Deals are available for a short period. Lightning deals tend to provide benefits for both sellers and shoppers. For sellers, the Lightning deal as well as amazon upcoming sales provide some benefits in many ways like:

  1. It is one of the best ways to clear out inventories.

  2. It is an easy way to launch a new product and tests its success.

  3. Lightning Deals is a great way to market yourself especially if you are a new seller on Amazon. This gives you a lot of exposure within a short period.

  4. This helps to increase sales after the end of a lightning deal especially to the buyers so that missed out on the deal.

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How to Create Amazon Lightning Deals

The first step for creating a Lightning Deal is to check the eligible items by clicking on the "Create Deals" button. Now, you can find it in the Amazon Seller Central dashboard. And, once you click on it, you can find the available promotions at hand.

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Some simple steps to create a lightning Deal are:

  1. Select an eligible item from the inventory.

  2. Select the date range for your Lightning Deal based on the options.

  3. Now, give a discount on a deal price per unit and quantity.

  4. Review the details and click on "Submit Deal".

  5. Here, Amazon will set a maximum price, minimum quantity, and minimum discount for the deal.

How can you Apply For Amazon Lightning Deal?

Both sellers and individual ASINs must meet the specific requisites for applying the lightning deals:

Seller Requirements
  1. Individuals sellers are not eligible for Lightning Deals on Amazon. In addition, only brands that hold a rating of 5 can apply.

  2. Seller feedback evaluates the quality and speed of packaging, services, and fulfillment. It is based more on reviews, feedback, and ratings.

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Requirements For Products
  1. You cannot put Alcoholic beverages in the lightning deal and make sure that items are not restricted nor they could be deemed offensive or inappropriate by Amazon. You can easily check out the Advertising tab in seller central to review the products that are eligible for lightning deals.

  2. Item must be eligible for Amazon prime shipment.

  3. Brands must own more than 20 available units in the warehouse before any sale starts. Amazon might cancel a deal if it deems you having insufficient inventory to meet demand.

  4. Amazon lightning deals do not accept any used products. In addition, you cannot overlap any two campaigns that promote the same item.

  5. One must also undercut the lowest selling price of the previous month by 5%.

Procedure for Setting up an Amazon Lightning Deals

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Lets assume that you have met all the previous requisites and Now, we are telling you that how can you create your very own lightning deals.

  1. First of all, Log in to the seller central and go to the Advertising tab and click on the “Create a new Deal” Button.

  2. Now, select the item that you want to promote. It will take you to the lightning deal dashboard. Here. you will need to submit all the relevant information regarding the deal.

  3. Choose a time frame and as a seller, you can propose a date to stage the deal. But only Amazon can set the time on each running lightning deal.

  4. Set a deal and submit the deal price along with variations and quantities.

Thats all, you will have to get the overview page and now you can check out the deal details before submitting it to Amazon.

Tips for Claiming a Lightning Deal With Ease

Claiming a lightning deal requires your ability to reach the deal in time and there are few things that can make this entire process easier and successful. Therefore one must:

  1. Join Amazon Prime because prime members can get their hands on the item they want almost half an hour earlier than any usual Amazon member. In addition, on Prime day, most of the deals can be accessed exclusively by Prime members (here is the tips to get amazon prime membership for free).

  2. If you want any product but its not available on any offer then check out the list of upcoming Lightning deals. If that item is available in the list add it to your cart right away. But, remember that you delay your purchase until the actual Lightning Deal starts. The price factor must be adjusted to the lightning deal price. In this way, you can be sure to score a deal.

  3. Always there are chances people will change their minds and you must wait patiently until you find any offer comes up. So, as soon as it arrives grab the chance and add the item to your cart immediately. You need to act fast, there are good chances that you can redeem your discount.

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All in all, Amazon lightning deals bring a range of benefits for both sellers and shoppers both. Hence, you can redeem a discount and make the most out of it.

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