How To Download COVID Vaccination Certificate

How To Download COVID Vaccination Certificate

The Second wave of coronavirus begun its drive in India around March and affected the health of people severely who were aged above 60 years and also those who were around 40 years. The government of India aimed at around 30 million vaccines in the first wave and hoped to vaccinate around 28 million in the second round.

People all around the country were vaccinated either by Covaxin that is developed by Bharat Biotech and the other is Covishield which is developed by the Serum Institute of India.

Now, the main question is once you are vaccinated, how to download your Covid vaccination Certificate?

This certificate can easily be downloaded and verified from the official cowin website. Moreover one can also use other online appliations like Umang App, DigiLocker, and others. You will not need any kind of beneficiary ID or any reference ID here. You can easily use several methods for getting a certificate from the Cowin app.

You can easily download your Covid-19 vaccination certificate in India with just your Aadhar number or your mobile number.

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Some apps will need a beneficiary ID for the certificate. It is a unique code of 13 digits that is assigned to you when you register for the vaccine. You will receive this ID as soon as you register for the vaccine on your mobile via SMS.

To make your work easy we have listed the procedure for downloading a Covid-19 Vaccination certificate using different methods. Lets have a look at the steps below:

How to download Covid-19 Vaccination certificate from Co-Win Portal

The official Cowin website is one of the most used websites by everyone for many purposes. One can easily look for the vaccination dates, book them and even download the final Covid-19 certificate as soon as your dose 2 of vaccination gets completed.

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To download your COVID Vaccination Certificate from the CO-WIN portal follow these steps:

  1. First, visit the Cowin official website.

  2. Login or Sign In using your details.

  3. As soon as you enter the dashboard, you can easily see your dates of vaccination for the first and second doses.

  4. Now, you need to find a tab or link for downloading the Covid-19 certificate.

A covid-19 vaccination certificate is really important so, keep yourself updated with the information. You can timely look at the notifications from the app as well. At Cowin, portal users have an option to link their passport number with their vaccination certificate.

Linking it to the passport makes it easier to travel abroad as you have your Cowin vaccine certificate available with you all the time.

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How to get a Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate from Arogya Setu App

Everyone knows about this App, as it was the first application that was designed by the Indian government to locate any Covid-19 patient in your area. The app will provide the daily reports of covid cases around you. Apart from that, you can use it for downloading your Covid-19 certificate.

Follow these steps to have your vaccination certificate within few clicks:

  1. Open the Arogya Setu App from the google play store if you do not have it on your phone.

  2. Now, on the top of this App, you will find a Co-WIN tab. Just tap on it.

  3. Then you will have to Log in or register for the application as needed.

  4. Enter your 13-digit beneficiary number to proceed with the further process.

  5. Here, you will find a download link, just press it.

  6. You can get your covid vaccination certificate easily with this app.

How to get a Covid-19 Certificate using Umang App

It is quite important to download a Covid-19 Vaccination certificate. Out of several options, the Umang app is also one such platform from where you can download your final vaccination certificate faster.

In some of the states, the Government has made it mandatory to have a vaccination certificate with them if they are government employees. Otherwise, their salary may get deducted. Hence, it is quite important to have a Covid-19 vaccination certificate.

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To get started for the downloading, let us have a look at this simple procedure:

  1. First, download the Umang App from the play store if you have not downloaded that before on your mobile.

  2. Then, you need to check the tab for what’s new. Just below that tab, you will find an option for the Co-Win.

  3. You will land on a portal where you can easily find a link for downloading your final Covid certificate for vaccination.

  4. Enter your mobile number and add the OTP further.

  5. Now, you will need to add the beneficiary name correctly.

  6. Then just download your vaccination certificate for Covid with ease on the app.

How to Use Digilocker App to download Covid Vaccination Certificate

Once you have received both doses, the government issues the final Covid-19 certificate that carries all the information like your name, age, gender, date of receiving your first and second dose of vaccination, etc.

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Follow these easy steps to get vaccination Certificate from the Digilocker app platform:

  1. Open the Digilocker app on your phone. If you have not downloaded it download it using the Google play store for all the android users.

  2. Now, register on the app using your personal details such as name, address, and Aadhar number.

  3. Also, go to the Health section in the app.

  4. Check on the ministry for health and welfare.

  5. Then, select the Vaccine certificate option.

  6. Enter your 13-digit reference ID with the correct details.

  7. Download your Covid-vaccine certificate.


Covid vaccine certificate contains all the basic details of the vaccine and the person itself. It includes the name, age, and gender of the individuals. In addition, the certificate also shows many details like details of vaccination, vaccine name, date, and time of receiving the dose. You can see that there are several ways to download a Covid vaccination certificate from different applications so it does not matter whether you want a supplementary certificate or a final certificate, you can easily get that using any of the above mentioned apps.

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